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Vietnam - Tourism Guide

General OverviewVN Tourism map

Official name Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Capital Hanoi
Population 89 millions
Total area 329,560km²
Currency Dong
Language    Vietnamese


Average temperature   22°C to 27°C
Average rainfall 1,500mm to 2,500mm
Average humidity 80 percent

Best Time to Visit

Vietnam’s temperate north and tropical south keep our tourism industry active throughout the year.

Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta – are best visited when it’s cool and dry from November to February.

Room rates drop during the hot season from February to May and fall further when the rains come from June to October.

Cool, damp winters cover Vietnam’s north from November to April when Hanoi’s competitive room rates attract MICE groups, while hot summers from May to October lure travellers to the cool mountain resorts.

Stay away from central Vietnam from late-autumn until early-winter, especially October, when storms are a problem.

New Tourism Infrastructure

Phu Quoc International Airport opens to foreigner carriers in December 2012 and is being promoted by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam to bring international travellers to the largely untouched tropical island.

VAT refunds on purchase made in Vietnam are now available for foreign visitors through 30 June 2014. When exiting the country through Noi Bai or Tan Son Nhat international airports, visitors may claim back 85 per cent of the value-added tax charged on goods purchased in the country.

Key Events And Festivals 2013

Tet Lunar New Year Festival (10 February)
TetThe Vietnamese will celebrate the upcoming New Year in February, which offers the traveller the chance to spend time with locals, who are all off work and in a festive mood. Cities, particularly Ho Chi Minh City, are decorated with flowers, and street parades are held.

Da Nang International Fireworks Competition (29 – 30 April)

Danang FireworkThe visual spectacle is held every year to celebrate the country’s Reunification Day (also known as Liberation Day ).

The Buffalo Fights in Do Son, Hai Phong (August)
Buffalo FightHai Phong’s Do Son District draws some 30,000 spectators on the ninth day of the eightth lunar month every year for this event. Held to honour the God of Water and celebrate the harvest, local community leaders present their buffalos as offerings to the gods before allowing them to lock horns in a giant ring. The buffalos are sacrificed after the fights for a great feast.

Visa Requirement

Most visitors to Vietnam require a 15- or 30-day tourist visa to enter the country, and this can be applied for at any Vietnamese or consulate. The fee is US$45 with one passport-sized photograph required.

Visas can also be obtained upon arrival at Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang airports. JTB-TNT can handle the necessary formalities.

Citizens of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, the Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore are not required to apply for tourist visa when visiting Vietnam. As well, visa is waived for citizens of Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia.