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Vietnam seems a little far away from Europe, but RailEurope can make it a whole lot closer with 11,000 train routes and easy access to all the major European train operators in 22 countries.

You can escape for a week, a month, or more experiencing new cultures at every stop. We have tickets and timetables for the Eurostar, Thalys, TGV, the Spanish Renfe and the Italian Trenitalia, as well as some great itineraries for a perfect train trip.

Where can I go?

We can help you reach 25,000 destinations in Europe, so your choice is huge. Many people choose to visit a few countries on their trip and we have some great Rail Passes to make that easier.

For example, with our Eurail Select Pass you can visit three, four or five bordering countries without any hassle. So you may visit France and take the TGV to explore the vineyards and castles, and then jump on the TGV Lyria to Switzerland’s mountains and lakes. From there you can take the train to Italy and see the beautiful cultural sights of Rome, Florence and Venice on the Italian trains, Trenitalia.

There are many other routes you can take with the Eurail Select Pass and other rail passes for you to choose from. We have train travel in Europe covered, and can help you plan and book the best journey for you, your friends and family.

Tickets and Passes

We have worked out that if you are taking the train just once or twice, perhaps on the Spanish Renfe from Barcelona to Madrid and back, then individual point to point tickets are best, but as you are travelling from Vietnam we hope you will be visiting much more!

We have a great selection of Rail Passes, which give you more flexibility on where you travel and will save you money.

Our Eurail are perfect for you as they have been designed just for people who live outside Europe. It is the most flexible as you may travel from 15 consecutive days up to three months and you can jump on and off in 22 countries in any order you like. These passes also come with Travel Bonuses, so you can enjoy activities and discounts in the cities you visit.

It’s fun if you know which bordering countries you want to visit but we have also many other single country passes – for example the Eurail Italy Pass or the France Rail Pass or the BritRail Pass for those who want to get to know Italy, France or the UK by train.

Our other passes include two or more countries like the Eurail Benelux-Germany Pass for a great train journey exploring Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

This year over 1.7 million travellers will make an amazing journey with Rail Europe and we can make it happen for you. Your journey begins here.

Please contact our Outbound Department for further information and purchase of the Rail Passes.